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The ICE network exists to encourage and equip
Christ-followers in every culture to express their faith
through their own heart music and other arts.

We facilitate online networking and provide resources
for the development of culturally appropriate Christian worship,
utilizing insights from ethnomusicology, missiology, worship studies and the arts.

Ethnodoxology equals ...
Want to know more? Click on these articles about ethnodoxology and
ICE’s Handbook and Manual

Global Forum on Arts and Christian Faith is ICE’s electronic journal publication. It features three sections: Articles, Working Papers, and Reviews. Article submissions are peer-reviewed and then published on the website; Working Papers and Reviews are not peer-reviewed. Twice yearly, the published content is collected into complete issues. For more information, go here.

ICE Forums: To see the networking opportunities available for ICE associates, click the tabs below. The use of these forums requires a Google account, which is free and quick to set up. It does not require a address -- your normal email address will work fine.

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  • Announcements
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  • Writers

The ICE Newsletter is the best way to stay informed on the latest news and activities of ICE.  This monthly email provides helpful reviews and links to various ethnodoxology resources. This informative resource is available to non-members and members alike. See the Newsletter Archives and/or subscribe here.

The Announcements Forum is the means by which we stay current on the ethnodoxology-related opportunities and breaking news of ICE Associates and Organizational Partners. This service is available only to those with ICE membership.
The General Help forum is a networking service for all ICE associates, who use it for finding practical advice and help for their ethnodoxology-related ministry needs.
The Ethnodoxology News and Prayer Request (ENPR) forum exists for the purpose of encouragement and mutual prayer for our ethnodoxology-related concerns. This is an optional forum available for ICE associates. Follow this link to join!
The Current Issues discussion forum is co-sponsored by ICE and the Bethel University Master of Arts program in Ethnomusicology. Practicing ethnomusicologists and others in music and arts-related ministries around the world participate in this forum. Follow this link to join!
The Music Gnus forum will bring you tidbits which are newsworthy, odd, useful, provocative, or ridiculous. If you want to share bits of music-related information which will make others think, laugh or sigh, sign up today! Follow this link to join!
The ICE-Tech forum is for discussing the media, recording, and technology needs of ICE associates. Follow this link to join!
The Africa forum exists for the purpose of encouragement, prayer, networking, and practical help for ICE Associates who are interested in ethnodoxology in Africa. Follow this link to join!
A forum for French-speaking ICE members to discuss issues together in French.
Un forum où les membres francophones du ICE peuvent discuter ensemble en français.
Follow this link to join!
Support-for-Academic-Writers is for ICE associates involved in academic writing (dissertations, theses, articles, and books). We will support one another in prayer as well as give feedback and advice regarding literature/media resources and other issues relating to writing and publishing. If you're an ICE associate, you can apply here.