manual-alpha-259x300Creating Local Arts Together: A Manual to Help Communities Reach Their Kingdom Goals guides communities in their efforts to reflect more aspects of God’s kingdom. We’ve reduced the process to a flexible method called CLAT: Create Local Arts Together, illustrated to the right. clat-with-new-center-300x285

Making It Happen

Here are resources and conversations that will enrich your and others’ Kingdom building work related to the Manual:

The Community Arts Profile is a place for you to gather information about the arts in a community. You may use the Word document below for this purpose – make sure to read the “Read Me” file.

pdf-small Community Arts Profile File READ ME 2015v1  |  rtf-small-fixed-square Community Arts Profile in COMMUNITY 2019


Submit Your CLAT Contributions and Feedback

We had to restrict the Manual to a printable size, which meant leaving out lots of material, not to mention the stuff we don’t have—like yours. We invite you to send us your ideas, helps, stories, and recordings related to ethnographic and form research, kingdom goals, sparking activities, critique and improvement, integration, and celebration.

Submit Here!