In this highly interactive and practical one-week introduction to ethnodoxology, participants will receive training in:

  • developing a biblical and missiological framework for arts in cross-cultural ministry
  • learning field research skills for the arts
  • gaining practical tools for multicultural congregational contexts
  • learning songs and experiencing the arts of a variety of world worship traditions
  • how to integrate ethnodoxology principles into a community they serve.

A collaborative team of experts from GEN teaches this course at various colleges and seminaries around the US.  See these testimonials from past participants:

  • "I cannot imagine that any institution committed to evangelism and mission would not make an ethnodoxology emphasis an essential part of campus culture and academic life" (Dr. Mark Boughan, President, Emmanuel Bible College).
  • "This course is rich and challenging, and is immediately relevant to every missions or church context, from India to Indiana, Nigeria to New York. Our God is worthy of glory throughout the world, and this course will help you understand ways to encourage that outcome." (Aaron Hung, M.Div. 2012)
  • "Offering not one, but four deeply talented teachers, the class packed in exciting information. I will be taking the theology, theory, and practices of this course and implementing them into my life. In fact, I strongly urge the administration of both my denomination’s school and mission boards to consider taking this course themselves, certain that if they do they will implement it into their core curricula." (Daniel Cabal, PhD student)

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