GEN Organizational members are educational institutions, churches, missions, and other para-church organizations actively involved in ethnodoxology. If you don't see your organization listed here, consider becoming an GEN organizational partner today!

Our Organizational Partners are displayed below in two tabs: Agencies and Training. Check them out!

For more training opportunities, check out Arts for a Better Future and Introduction to Ethnodoxology.

All Nations Christian College, UK

All Nations offers a variety of training opportunities for cross-cultural mission including a track for the arts.  Check out these links for more details:

Short Summer "Arts for a Better Future" Course
World Worship
Arts Pathway (undergrad)

Center for Excellence in World Arts at DIU

The Center for Excellence in World Arts (CEWA) at Dallas International University prepares students to work cross-culturally alongside artists of all kinds, researching community arts and sparking artistic creations that respond to community needs. Offering a PhD and an MA in World Arts as well as a BA minor in World Arts, CEWA’s programs will be of interest to people with artistic skills and sensibilities, curiosity about culture, a commitment to serious research, and a drive to see others create.

Inspiro Arts Alliance - Incarnate

Inspiro Arts Alliance, formerly Heart Sounds International and OM Arts, runs Incarnate, an annual training program including a two-month residency of coursework, studio time and community life followed by a two-month placement collaborating with local artists alongside long-term missionaries. Incarnate is an artist’s journey of discipleship, theology, and cross-cultural ministry. Participants will grow in their skills as artists and understand the significance of their artistry in God’s eyes. They will learn the theology of creativity and arts in the kingdom of God while developing an approach for engaging the unreached through artistic skills. More information at

Liberty University

Liberty’s  M.A. in Ethnomusicology is a comprehensive 42-credit degree offering traditional training in ethnomusicology combined with an applied approach for the Christian world-wide context, emphasizing scholarship, musicianship, mentorship, and community engagement.  Coursework can be completed online from anywhere in the world with one 2-3 week summer residency at Liberty.
Other options:

  • 18-credit Certificate/Specialization in Ethnomusicology
  • Bachelors of Music: Music in World Cultures

For more information contact the Program Director, Dr. Katherine Morehouse, at

Payap University, Thailand

Certificate Courses in EthnoArts at Payap University, Chiang Mai, Thailand. These classes are for experienced fieldworkers, and are designed to assist nationals and expatriates working throughout Asia, offering training in Ethnomusicology and the Arts from both academic and applied perspectives. Please contact Debbi Hosken for more information.

The Robert  E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies (IWS), Jacksonville, Florida

IWS offers high quality award-winning graduate education in the biblical, theological, historical, cultural and missiological foundations of Christian worship. Church leaders from multiple denominations around the globe take academically grounded, highly applicable courses rooted in the biblical narrative, drawing on the rich treasures of Christian history, and committed to glorifying God in multiple cultural contexts. IWS has a decidedly Christ-centered ancient-future posture in a low-residency educational approach focused on building an intentional learning community.

Visit the admissions page online ( or contact or 1-800-282-2977 for more information.

Worship Educators Association

WEA is an academic and professional organization that serves teachers and coaches in worship studies and worship ministry in a variety of settings. We provide networking through events and groups, channels for sharing research and experience, and opportunities for professional and personal development.

Artists in Christian Testimony Intl

Artists in Christian Testimony Intl is an evangelical, interdenominational Christian ministry that mobilizes, sends out, equips, and supports artistic ministers and missionaries who carry out various works of the New Testament Church.

ACT Kenya

ACT Kenya is a division of ACT International, an organization for artists who are committed to using artistic means to further the kingdom of God.  ACT Kenya provides organizational cover for Africa-based artist missionaries, as well as training in the arts and missions in order to creatively evangelize those outside the Christian faith and edify those within the Church through artistic and innovative personnel, methods, and strategies.

Community Arts Tokyo

Community Arts Tokyo builds community through the arts in downtown Tokyo. We are a team of missionary artists and Japanese nationals assisting church planting in Tokyo through the arts by hosting evangelical events, mentoring artists, curating conversations on faith and art, disaster relief, and sponsoring/recording/publishing new worship music. We have a particular focus on contextualizing the gospel for the edification of the church in Japan and around the world.

Inspiro Arts Alliance

Inspiro Arts Alliance, formerly Heart Sounds International and OM Arts, cultivates and empowers artists globally to spark beautiful worship and witness among the least reached. Inspiro works with all artforms, including dance, music, theatre, visual arts and film to serve the global church and encourage biblically appropriate and culturally relevant heart worship. Opportunities vary from short-term trips to internships, to long-term place­ments around the world.

SIL International

SIL International is a faith-based nonprofit organization currently involved in over 1,660 active language projects spanning 162 countries.  Inspired by God’s love, we advocate, build capacity, and work with local communities to apply language expertise that advances meaningful development, education, and engagement with Scripture. SIL EthnoArts personnel join community artists in working toward a better future: one of justice, peace, joy, physical safety, social continuity and spiritual wholeness. This participatory process draws on years of experience and insights from ethnomusicology, ethnography of communication, performance studies, participatory community development and other fields.”


Serving in Mission aims to bring God’s good news to communities where Jesus Christ is least known. We have opportunities for creative Christians to use their artistic skills to spread God’s word and to share His love. For more information please see or contact Pete McCarthy at

WEC - Arts Release

WEC takes the good news to the peoples and nations who have yet to hear it: the good news that Christ came to bring forgiveness of sins and peace with God, and to displace hatred with love. Arts Release is part of the WEC family and its members create and facilitate arts in mission, especially culturally appropriate music, visual arts and performing arts. For more see:


Social: @loveartsrelease (facebook, twitter, instagram)