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What is GEN?

GEN envisions a future in which
communities of Jesus followers
in every culture
engage with God and the world
through their own artistic expressions.

We offer
networking, training, and resources
for the flourishing
of biblical and culturally appropriate arts.

~ a world of arts for God's purposes ~

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Award-winning book includes chapter on ethnodoxology by GEN President Robin Harris

Thomas Nelson announced today that the title Evangelicals Around the World: A Global Handbook for the 21st Century received the Gold Award for Education Resources in the third annual Illumination Book Awards. Together with his team of multi-disciplined scholars, writers, and leaders, general editor Dr. Brian C. Stiller provides a comprehensive history of evangelical Christianity…

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Arts & Orality journal volume published

GEN has collaborated with the International Orality Network to produce a volume of the Orality Journal focused exclusively on the use of ethnoarts in oral contexts. You’ll find articles and pictures from many GEN associates and other ethnoarts proponents, artists, and scholars working around the world. Look for a second Arts & Orality journal volume…

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Upcoming Events

Arts & Culture in the Church (a.k.a. ABF) – Alaska @ Alaska Bible College
Mar 10 @ 7:00 pm – Mar 15 @ 5:00 pm


In this course, students will learn to help a community recognize, value, and plan to use its own arts to meet local needs and goals consistent with the Kingdom of God. The course provides a compact overview of the Create Local Arts Together (CLAT) model of community engagement. The CLAT process consists of seven flexible steps (or conversations) grounded in ethnographic and appreciative inquiry approaches: meet a community and its arts; specify goals; select communication genre and content; analyze the genre; spark creativity; improve new works; integrate and celebrate for continuity. Students will engage with the model through three pedagogical cycles, culminating in applying it to a real-life context and their own ministry plans.


Dr. Robin Harris - Chair, Center for Excellence in World Arts at Dallas Int'l University; President, Global Ethnodoxology Network; served in Siberia 10 years.

Dr. Chris Gassler - GEN Master Facilitator; Arts Consultant and EthnoArts Coordinator for SIL Africa Area; served in Cameroon for 10 years

Arts for a Better Future – Dallas @ Dallas International University
Jun 2 – Jun 7 all-day
Arts for a Better Future – UK @ All Nations Christian College
Jul 7 – Jul 12 all-day

Ethnodoxology = Peoples + Praise