Abridged CLAT Manual – Community Arts for God’s Purposes (English)




Hot off the press! Community Arts for God's Purposes: How to Create Local Artistry Together has just been released by William Carey Publications. Created by Brian Schrag and Julisa Rowe, this slim workbook-sized resource is an abridged, simplified version of Brian's "CLAT Manual" used by college and seminary programs.

For the Kindle or E-book version ($4.99), see here.

Plans for the abridged Manual include the following:

  • as a required text for the workshop versions of Arts for a Better Future.
  • as a template for other languages coming soon: Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Russian, and more.
  • available through "print on demand" in countries around the world, so if you need it in your country, let us know!


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