Snapshots of Ethnodoxology around the World

Featured Ethnodoxologist: Jill Ford

Name: Jill Ford Organizations/Affiliations: All Nations Christian College Arts Release previously known as Resonance Arts/WEC: World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission Arts Plus Europe Christian Artists Seminar How did you get started in ethnodoxology? My journey in ethnodoxology began through…

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Oral Arts Festival

In India, Jireh Ministries hosted an Oral Arts Festival. Drums, songs, dances, dramas, poetry, clothing, jewelry, and other local art forms brought the stories of Scripture alive for both audience and performers. “The cultures they love, in which they have…

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Art by Safina

In Australia, Safina (Fergie) Stewart’s paintings are “infused with biblical meanings and a sense of joyful hopefulness…. She makes her living as an artist from the sale of her original works and reproductions both online and at a local Indigenous art…

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